Keystone School of Biblical Theology

Equipping the Saints for the Work of the Ministry

Our Purpose

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of KSBT is to stand without apology for the infallible truth of God’s Word, the Bible, as a basis for personal sanctification, and training men and women for God’s service:

  • To faithfully teach biblical doctrine as well as personal and ministry practices which are based on that doctrine,
  • To cultivate an understanding of God’s revelation from a dispensational perspective,
  • To promote an understanding of the historical development of the church with special appreciation for Fundamentalism and  particular  emphasis on Baptist history,
  • To develop loyalty to the local church as God’s primary institution of ministry and fellowship in this age,
  • To foster adoption of a Christian worldview by which God’s servants may evaluate the ever changing trends in culture, society and the church, resulting in unchanging faithfulness to the cause of Christ and the principles of His Word,
  • To stir a spirit of commitment, service and unwavering devotion to our Lord regardless of the compromise and apostasy that characterizes the age,
  • To enlarge the vision to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world,
  • To promote the high standards of personal and ministerial integrity, morality, honor and trustworthiness taught in the Word of God for all believers especially for those in ministry,
  • To prepare men and women to serve the Lord responsibly with zeal and competence,
  • To raise up leaders who will invest their lives in reaching and training as many as possible to carry on the battle for truth while waiting with anticipation and expectation for the coming Savior

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