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Online Courses
KSBT offers sound biblical online courses that few other schools offer.  Classes can be taken via live streaming when the class is being taught OR by viewing classroom instruction via archived video presentations, at the student’s convenience. Either choice will provide the student with HD quality video instruction.
Students taking courses via archived videos can begin class at any time during the year.
Here Is How It works
The student once he/she has enrolled for online courses, will then be provided with a username and password for each course selected.  Once that information is received, the student will go to and select the class being taken. At that time a box will appear where the username and password can be entered. The student will then be ready to take the selected course.

After logging in, if the course is going on live, it will automatically begin playing in the black window.  During the live stream the student may send a question/answer to the professor.  The student can do this by looking to the left of the black live stream box, he/she will see a blue box the student will type their name in and click enter they will then be able to instantly type and send their message to the professor.  The student may then maximize the live stream and watch.  If the student has missed the live stream and needs to watch the missed class, then they may log in and scroll down to where that days videos will be archived for them to re-watch.  All the classes will be archived for the student to watch with each day and week being labeled.  There are 2 ways that the professor may require an assignment, first is asking you to mail him something,  or second he may ask you to complete a quiz or test online.  The link to the assignment will be above that days videos. The student will click that link to complete the assignment and send it in to the professor.

Finally The student can register by filling out application forms HERE and forwarding them to KSBT.  The registered student will then select courses for an 8 week session. There are four eight week sessions included in one year of study.  When classes have been selected the student will then be issued their password for each selected class.  The student may start anytime during the year from any-part of the world.  Questions regarding registration or other aspects of the program can be sent by e-mail to [email protected]

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