Keystone School of Biblical Theology

Equipping the Saints for the Work of the Ministry

Courses Now Available

BE 111 Introduction to Biblical Studies - An introductory presentation of scriptural principles governing biblical interpretation, an
introduction to the Bible manuscript and version controversy. (3 credits)

BE 112 NT Survey - A general survey of the books of the New Testament with emphasis on the doctrinal, thematic, and historical framework of each book, and how they interrelate together cohesively. (3 credits)

MI 111 Evangelism - Biblical methods and principles in reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (2 credits)

Eng 111 English Gram/Comp - Principles in the English language including grammar, mechanics, and parts of speech. (2 credits)

BE 122 Pentateuch - A study of Genesis through Deuteronomy consideringGod’s works and covenants from the beginning of His creation through the experiences of Israel under the leadership of Moses. (3 credits)

CE 121 Chr. Life & Family - A biblical study of God’s plan and role for the family in the light of Scriptures. (2 credits)

PS 121 Christian Discipleship - Biblical principles regarding spiritual growth both personally and corporately. (2 credits)

PS 122 Youth Ministries - An emphasis on youth ministries considering scriptural and practical principles. (2 credits)

BE 131 Pastoral Epistles - An exegetical and expository study of Paul’s epistles to Timothy and Titus with attention given to the pastoral and ministerial instruction given in these books. (3 credits)

Th 132 Doctrine I - The study of Bible doctrines: Bibliology, Theology Proper, and Christology. (3 credits) 

PS 211 - Pastoral Duties - An examination of the duties and roles of the pastor and his relationship to the congregation in consideration of biblical principles and practices. attention will be given to funeral and wedding responsibilities as well as the administration of the church ordinances. (2 credits)

BE 231 - Romans - An expositional and expository study of Romans emphasizing the historical background, theological themes and doctrines presented in the book. (2 credits)